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I Remember Grandma

All of us who have ever known grandparents can conjure up images of time spent in their presence. I am no exception. However, while most of my friends fondly remember their grandparents as frail, gentle, soft-spoken individuals with whom they spent Sunday dinners, my recollections are very different. My memories take me back to visiting […]

Walking the Path Of A Grandchild

When my children were toddlers. I used to get down to their level and crawl through my apartment to see the world through their eyes. A bit obsessive? Perhaps, but after this little exercise, I was quick to take out the sponge, Comet and Brillo pads. It is amazing what goes unseen in the adult […]

Rainy Day Activities

Life Sized Paper Grandchild Materials: Butcher paper, newspaper, markers, scissors, stapler, wool, buttons or pom poms, drawing paper, finger paints, wet paper toweling (for cleaning hands) Both my granddaughter and I loved this activity. First, May laid down on a piece Butcher paper, which had been folded in two and was long enough to trace […]

Rainy Day Sunshine

Often when it rains, my thoughts travel back to the days when my daughters were small and the great lengths I’d go to in order to keep them entertained inside; those long-ago days when children’s television shows were broadcast during early morning or late afternoon hours and there was no DVR for replays, computers were […]