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Sibling Rivalry

It was bound to happen one day. That mysterious bundle of joy growing in her mother’s womb,  to whom May used  give  “raspberries,” would one day grow to become a real little person, with a  big personality that seems to constantly attempt to usurp May’s position as the center of the universe. A short while […]

Toys to Help Babies and Toddlers Understand Cause and Effect

It’s tricky to find toys for babies and young toddlers. They seem to prefer things that can easily fit into their mouths, perhaps to relieve the ache of teething. My son-in-law Jeremy told me that the only time he saw Eloise engage in an activity for any length of time was when she repeatedly kept […]

A First Birthday Story

For a child birthdays are momentous occasions to be marked with as much fanfare as the day will allow and we grandparents just love to add to that fanfare. Birthdays give us the opportunity to roam freely through toy stores, trying out toys under the guise that we are seeking the perfect gift for our […]

The Yin and Yang of Babysitting Grandchildren

Usually, when my granddaughters come to visit, their mom and dad accompany them, and most of my time is spent with four-year-old May. We go to the playground and do our interpretation of gymnastics, the Cape Cod Children’s Museum for some indoor fun, the Woods Hole Aquarium to see the seals, the beach to hunt […]