Activities for Children

Nature As Teacher

This past fall, my daughter, son-in-law, May and Eloise went on a camping trip to New Hampshire. As my daughter recounted their experiences, an image of myself as a young child, walking through the woods of upstate New York with my dad, came to mind. I vividly recalled those special moments when I had my […]

From One To Two! Now What To Do? The Saga Continues…

When May was an only child, she was easy to entertain. We would spend hours taking nature walks, doing special art projects involving glue, paint and paper, building tall towers with plastic cups and knocking them down with a Nerf ball, dressing up in funny hats that were often our own creations, and playing age […]

A Toddler’s World

Have you ever watched toddlers as they begin begin to discover their world?  Watched them as they pick up a leaf that had fallen from a tree and then look up towards the sky in wonder? Moments like these revive our senses to the boundless beauty that exists in our everyday lives. Thank heaven for […]

A-May-zing New York

“What must she be thinking?” I wonder, as I watch May’s sparkly eyes take in the frenetic pace of New York City.  The cacophony of sounds emanating from the many diverse cultures that hurry along crowded streets, creating a flurry of endless activity must seem overwhelming to such a small child. Or is it I, […]

A Granddaughter’s New York Experience (Part One)

“May at the Bronx Apartment” might not sound as elegant as Eloise at the Plaza, but for a four and a half-year old visiting New York, the experience is equally impressive, as witnessed by our granddaughter’s recent visit to The Big Apple. I am a great one for planning, and plan I did! In two […]

Toys to Help Babies and Toddlers Understand Cause and Effect

It’s tricky to find toys for babies and young toddlers. They seem to prefer things that can easily fit into their mouths, perhaps to relieve the ache of teething. My son-in-law Jeremy told me that the only time he saw Eloise engage in an activity for any length of time was when she repeatedly kept […]

The Yin and Yang of Babysitting Grandchildren

Usually, when my granddaughters come to visit, their mom and dad accompany them, and most of my time is spent with four-year-old May. We go to the playground and do our interpretation of gymnastics, the Cape Cod Children’s Museum for some indoor fun, the Woods Hole Aquarium to see the seals, the beach to hunt […]