Activities for Children

Rainy Day Sunshine

Often when it rains, my thoughts travel back to the days when my daughters were small and the great lengths I’d go to in order to keep them entertained inside; those long-ago days when children’s television shows were broadcast during early morning or late afternoon hours and there was no DVR for replays, computers were […]

Fun At The Beach

All seasons are filled with wonder, but summer is especially magical when you are a child.  It is the season of dripping ice cream cones (‘purple cow” being May’s favorite), blueberry picking in open fields,  awakening to the songs of birds and going to sleep to the sounds of crickets, meeting friends in the park, […]

Indoor/Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can be enjoyed by children of all ages. They are easy to create and can be developed for both indoors and outdoors.                                                        Indoor Scavenger Hunt Materials: digital camera, color printer, index cards, treat of your choosing. For children who are not yet reading, take pictures of various places throughout your house. For […]