In March of 2008, after more than thirty years of teaching, primarily at a private school in Riverdale, New York, I became a grandmother for the first time. Realizing that the early years of a child’s development are filled with wonder and change and drawing close to the age that has come to be known as the “retirement age,” I left teaching in order to spend more time witnessing my granddaughter’s development.

We all have images of perfection and I wanted to be the perfect grandmother, one that would bring joy and a sense of adventure to my granddaughter. As a classroom teacher, I realized that advance planning, realistic expectations, attainable goals, compassion and a sense of humor were key ingredients for success. As a first time grandparent, I have come to realize that these same ingredients apply when relating to my granddaughters.

When my first granddaughter was about two years old, I began to feel that at times my daughter and I had different ideas about child rearing.  Realizing that I was a parent from another era and that my daughter had grown into the adult I’d always hoped she would become,  I increasingly refrained from stating my opinion.  That is how From Classroom to Playground came to be.

Writing has always been a passion of mine. Now with lots of free time on my hands and two lively granddaughters in my life, the time is ripe to combine my love for my granddaughters with my passion for writing via a blog to be shared with other grandparents. Many of the ideas in this blog stem from lessons that I developed for classroom use and have been adapted to meet the needs of my granddaughters. They are ideas that I believe can be used by parents as well as grandparents and can be enjoyed by many age groups.

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  1. HI Betty, just browsed through your blog. It is simply wonderful. Have at it. Gracious, earnest, wise and easy reading on a subject for which the world has a boundless appetite.

    Love to all.

    Dan W

    • Thanks Dan. It’s a real compliment coming from you. I have always admired the way you relate to your grandchildren, pure love and compassion. I believe watching you interact with all of your beautiful grandchildren had a great influence on the way I interact with mine. I am so grateful for our friendship.It has been and continues to be a wonderful ride through life.

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