A Tribute To Grandfathers on Father’s Day

My blog is entitled “Fun With Grammy,” but I would be remiss if I never mentioned the important role that grandfathers play in the lives of their grandchildren. I am fortunate to know a number of wonderful grandfathers, not the least of whom is my husband Richard. He truly enjoys every moment that he is able to spend with our granddaughters and they in turn bring out the best in him.

As soon as our daughter and son-in-law arrive at our house, it is a race between Richard and me to get to our granddaughters. We must paint quite a comedic picture; two senior citizens acting as though they had wings on their feet, scurrying past each other with outstretched arms and extended fingers ready to grab up and hold either granddaughter. Forget about greeting our cherished daughter and terrific son-in-law. They are now relegated to the category of “honorable mention.” They also get a fair amount of recognition, but only after our quickened pulses stabilize and we become aware that they too have arrived.

Richard, also known as the Literate Chef, is true to his culinary art and eagerly awaits the arrival of his sous chef, May. What plans he has! He derives great pleasure from cooking (as well as eating the results) and has passed his passion onto his granddaughter.  Eloise, our ten month old granddaughter, is far too young to get involved and her palate is easily satisfied with anything that she can put into her mouth, paper included. It is heartwarming to witness May with her “piggy” whisk in hand, standing on her step stool by her grampy, whisking eggs for breakfast or turning on the KitchenAid Mixer as she prepares eggs or waffles for our breakfast.

Preparing food under the watchful eye of her grandfather brings May a source of tremendous pride. Although she can’t involve herself in the final process, having learned to stay away from the stove and oven, May actively participates in every other aspect. Like a true restaurateur, she selects the placemats to be used (red with stitched in lobsters) and all their accompaniments. Plates, forks (no knives), and glasses placed haphazardly within a short distance of mismatched napkins seem to cry out to her diners that her meal is indeed a culinary delight. May’s broad smile as we pay homage to her skill at cooking is the shining glory to the meal and is second only to the glow in her grandfather’s eyes.

As nighttime approaches, grampy is once again on the scene, with book in hand and his wide lap ready to receive his “Mayzel” for their special read-aloud time together. It might be a book about “diggers,” May’s favorite subject of the month, or super heroes, a new favorite to replace the old one, or any number of recently discovered interests in her ever-changing world. No matter what the book of May’s choice, her grampy is sure to have it on hand by either going on line or visiting the Eight Cousins Book Store in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

Eloise is in the process of getting to know and love this bearded guy whom her sister May keeps referring to as “grampy.” She contently snuggles up on his big, comfy chest and falls into sweet slumber. When awake she too sits for a read aloud time and is beginning to respond to the mystery of language. When her grampy makes funny faces with her in the mirror, a look of bewilderment creases her small brow and she laughs as if it is expected of her to somehow respond to his strange contortions. But, she is learning, as her sister before her, that this gentle giant is a person to be loved and trusted and that her happiness and well-being govern his life.

May, Eloise, and their grandfather’s special relationship is unique to them, but as I have stated before, I have seen many wonderful relationships between grandfathers and their grandchildren. It is with these images in mind that I wish a Happy Father’s Day to all.

5 comments on “A Tribute To Grandfathers on Father’s Day

  1. Love this. Love you.

  2. HI Betty, I think I am in the loop now. Let’s see if this gets posted.

    Dan W

  3. Hi Betty and Rich, I felt as it I were in the kitchen with May. Great writing and a great tribute to both of you. Lots of love, Marilyn and Bob

    • Thank you both. Happy Father’s Day, Bob. Your day is coming. There is no greater joy than interacting with grandchildren. It’s much less stressful than raising children.
      Much love,

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