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A Christmas Message

Christmas: a time filled with expectations and hope. It is the season of love, generosity, and warm, cozy feelings. It is also be the time of the year when children and grown-ups put their best foot forward in joyful anticipation of days to come.  There is nothing that can compare to a child’s unbridled enthusiasm […]

From One To Two! Now What To Do? The Saga Continues…

When May was an only child, she was easy to entertain. We would spend hours taking nature walks, doing special art projects involving glue, paint and paper, building tall towers with plastic cups and knocking them down with a Nerf ball, dressing up in funny hats that were often our own creations, and playing age […]

A Mothers’ Day Tribute

Mothers’ Day, a day set aside to let our mothers know how much we appreciate all that they are and all that they have done to help us along the sometimes bumpy road of becoming. While it is nice to be recognized on a special day, those of us who are mothers and grandmothers receive […]

An Invitation to Read

Selecting the right book is one of the most important steps in generating excitement and developing young children’s interests in reading. The language should be on a level that is easily understood and the pictures should be vivid and engaging. It is a lesson I learned over and again during my teaching tenure and one […]

A-May-zing New York

“What must she be thinking?” I wonder, as I watch May’s sparkly eyes take in the frenetic pace of New York City.  The cacophony of sounds emanating from the many diverse cultures that hurry along crowded streets, creating a flurry of endless activity must seem overwhelming to such a small child. Or is it I, […]

A First Birthday Story

For a child birthdays are momentous occasions to be marked with as much fanfare as the day will allow and we grandparents just love to add to that fanfare. Birthdays give us the opportunity to roam freely through toy stores, trying out toys under the guise that we are seeking the perfect gift for our […]

I Remember Grandma

All of us who have ever known grandparents can conjure up images of time spent in their presence. I am no exception. However, while most of my friends fondly remember their grandparents as frail, gentle, soft-spoken individuals with whom they spent Sunday dinners, my recollections are very different. My memories take me back to visiting […]