A Child’s Lamentation During COVID



I do not want to wear a mask!

I do not like it; please don’t ask

Me to wear it on the street

Just in case some friends I’ll meet.

You make me wear it to the store.

You make me wear it and what’s more

I have to wear it on the beach

If people are within my reach.

Wearing a mask is not my style.

It hides from view my brilliant smile.

My nose and mouth fight for air.

The elastic tangles up my hair.

Masks are seen on every face

As people move from place to place.

I heard when I go off to school

Mask wearing will become a rule.

COVID you have changed the way

I lead my life at work and play.

I hope that soon will come the day

When i can throw these masks away.

3 comments on “A Child’s Lamentation During COVID

  1. Love it…so true for me too

  2. This is great, but then I’m a fan! 😘

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